UWSC Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Members

Brian Eiler - Chair
Stevie Crovetto
Brant DeLaune
Judge Tim Marcel
Gregory Mollere
Jennifer Perkins
Teddi Touchard
Rochelle Touchard


The committee recommends long term strategy, organizational effectiveness enhancements, guidance on evolving trends in community needs, collaborative opportunities and United Way direction to assure the Board is able to respond to future needs of the community and the corresponding growth of the UWSC.

The purpose of this committee is to:

  • Monitor future trends in issues impacting the United Way, community needs, capabilities of the organization and organizational needs.
  • Make recommendations for the overall strategic directions and initiatives needed to enhance and improve progress toward the UWSC mission and vision and efforts in community building work.
  • Prepare the Strategic Plan for UWSC every three years and conduct annual reviews, updating the Plan if appropriate.
  • Address issues, concerns and organizational effectiveness opportunities that transcend annual operation of the organization and are crucial to shaping UWSC’s future.
  • Analyze, prioritize, make recommendations for improvement and monitor the management of the key relationships UWSC seeks to build and maintain in the community.
  • Provide general oversight, vision, policy direction and coordination to the agreed upon community impact areas, assuring cooperation, collaboration, resource sharing and non duplication of effort. This includes recommending annually to the Board of Directors the total financial and non financial resource commitment of the organization to each community impact area.
  • Provide coordination and oversight for the annual goals process to ensure alignment with organization’s mission and strategic plan.
  • Develop annual goals and action plans for improvement.