Partnerships with United Way of St. Charles (UWSC) make a difference.
UWSC invests in 100+ programs & supports 30 Partner Agencies.
United Way of St. Charles activities are focused on the community as a whole by providing not only financial support to agencies but by meeting community health and social service needs. We work with numerous Community Partners to determine community needs and support our community through civic activities. UWSC is proud to work closely with many organizations in a collaborative effort to advance the common good.
A Community Partner is defined as an organization that United Way collaborates with during the year and may or may not involve a funding relationship.  
Some examples of our Community Partners include Rotary Club of St. Charles Parish, St. Charles Parish Women’s Club, River Region Chamber of Commerce, and St. Charles Parish Parks & Recreation.
In addition to our many collaborations and partnerships, UWSC funds programs at 30 local Partner Agencies. 
A Partner Agency is defined as an organization or agency that receives annual or granted funding from United Way of St. Charles.
Some examples of our Partner Agencies include Red Cross, Alpha Daughters of Zion, St. Charles Community Health Center and Boy Scouts.
For a full list of Partner Agencies, click here.