Money Matters: Financial Stability Program

The statistics are startling- as many as one-third of working Americans do not earn enough money to meet their basic needs.  These individuals are walking a financial tightrope- barely able to get by, with no ability to save for college, a home, or for retirement.

The United Way of St. Charles Money Matters: Financial Stability Program brings together cross-sector partners to help lower-income individuals and families achieve financial independence by empowering them with tools and skills necessary to maximize their income, build savings and gain assets.

The goal of Money Matters is to address the on-going needs of individuals and families in St. Charles Parish and help them attain greater self-sufficiency and independence.  A long-term Community Case Manager works directly with clients to assess their needs and to develop a plan of care that coaches clients in developing skills and other resources needed to reduce their dependence on emergency services.

For more information on the Money Matters: Financial Stability Program call 985-331-9063.