Success By 6

What would happen if all children started their first day of kindergarten ready to succeed- socially, developmentally, and academically?

Kids would stay in school.  Crime and teen pregnancy rates would drop. Graduation rates would improve.  Our workforce would be better prepared and job productivity would increase.

All because kids are ready by age 6 for school?  Yes.  Research shows that investing in quality early childhood education pays off. 

That's the goal of Success By 6, a national initiative to prepare children to succeed in school and beyond.  We do this by supporting parents and caregivers, improving access to services, and educating lawmakers about the importance of early childhood education.

Soon, we will be providing tools and training for parents, teachers, and childcare providers in St. Charles Parish to improve school readiness.

Thanks to Success By 6, kids will be getting the start they need to succeed!

United Way's Success By 6 is working through Born Learning, a public awareness campaign complete with tips on turning everyday moments into learning opportunities for infants and young children (0-5 years).