UWSC Allocations Update | United Way of St. Charles

UWSC Allocations Update

In light of recent news stories regarding United Way of St. Charles's support to local agencies in the community, United Way would like to provide some information regarding our allocations/funding process.

In order for agencies to receive funding from United Way of St. Charles, agencies must first submit a request for funding. This request is then reviewed by a group of volunteers, the UWSC staff and a local financial institution. Next a volunteer review team meets with the agency representatives. Finally, funding recommendations are then made to the UWSC Allocations Committee and then to the Board of Directors for final approval.

It is often the case that we receive more requests for funding than our fundraising allows. For example, this year UWSC received $237,257 more in requests than we were able to allocate. Without additional funding, unfortunately, tough decisions have to be made.

This allocations process is in place to ensure that donor dollars are used wisely. In addition, partner agencies also submit bi-monthly reports to United Way to confirm that programs are running as promised.

UWSC volunteers and staff are dedicated to protecting our donors investments in St. Charles Parish as well as making sure that our funds are targeting needs that continue to improve our parish.

Because UWSC is committed to transparency at every level of operation, we invite anyone who has any questions about our operations to call our office at 985-331-9063 to learn more.

Thank you for all you do to LIVE UNITED.