"Shoes for Orphan Souls" Collection at Bridge Run | United Way of St. Charles

"Shoes for Orphan Souls" Collection at Bridge Run

United Way of St. Charles is assisting with the collection of New Shoes for Orphans


Shoes for Orphan Souls


A simple pair of children’s shoes may not look powerful, but they can make a big difference in the lives of orphans around the world.



The Rotary Club of St. Charles Parish is teaming up with Buckner International to ask St. Charles Parish residents to collect shoes for children in need. The annual nationwide “Shoes for Orphan Souls” shoe drive is seeking to collect more than 250,000 pairs of new shoes, socks and shoestrings, with a nationwide campaign. Since 1999, Buckner has sent more than 2.2 million pairs of new shoes to vulnerable children in 74 countries around the globe, including the United States.


Rotary Club of St. Charles Parish President, Tanya Colee said, “We hope that with the support of the United Way of St. Charles Parish, we can help Buckner reach their goal and make this life better for children.”


“We have seen the smiles that a new pair of shoes brings to children in the orphanages we visit, and we want to extend that same joy to others like them,” said Rachel Garton, director of Shoes for Orphan Souls. “Because of Rotary Club of St. Charles Parish commitment to this program, we can continue to increase the number of kids who will benefit.”


“Millions of children reside in orphanages throughout our world,” Garton said, “and those orphanages are not receiving enough money to care for the children’s most basic needs, like shoes and socks.”


An unexpected benefit of donating new shoes is the sense of satisfaction on the part of the person who gives. “At Buckner, we say new shoes are good for the soul – yours and theirs,” Garton said. “A person who gives can’t help but feel as though they also have received a great gift.”


Donated items should be for children and teens and due to customs regulations, shoes and socks need to be brand new. For those preferring to make a cash donation, $25 will buy a new pair of shoes and cover distribution costs.

Garton emphasized no donation is too small. “Most of the donations to the shoe drive have come from families giving one or two pairs of shoes. Every one pair of shoes makes a big difference to the child that receives them.”


You can drop-off shoes at United Way of St. Charles Bridge Run, March 31, 2012.


For more information, please visit www.stcharlesrotary.com.