Thank You: John Dias | United Way of St. Charles

Thank You: John Dias

Near the beginning of one of Paul’s letters he uses a phrase I find interesting. He writes to his friends– “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” As I often find in Paul’s letters, this sentence strikes me as elegant in its power and simplicity. Perhaps it is a function of “life experience” (which sounds better than “getting old”) but more and more I am thankful for people. People that take an interest in the world past their own personal interests, people that have helped me or shaped me positively and didn’t even know it and often, sadly, people that I never thanked for these things. I doubt not the duty and the spiritual benefit of thanking God, but I submit that we should all be more adept at thanking people around us as well. We are all too often quick to criticize but slow to formally appreciate the actions of others.


To that end I write you today to say to those of you that have supported United Way or any charity work – “thank you.”  Thank you for your time, for your energy, for your desire to make the world around you better.


John Dias

United Way of St. Charles Executive Director