My Volunteer Experience: Hannah Dufrene | United Way of St. Charles

My Volunteer Experience: Hannah Dufrene


On Saturday, April 11th I had the opportunity to volunteer with United Way of St. Charles installing smoke detectors, provided by the American Red Cross, in the homes of residents in the Paradis community.  Working with the Paradis Volunteer Fire Department, in which I am also a member, we installed 12 smoke detectors in homes throughout the community to some very grateful residents.  

How awesome of the United Way, for one, to engage the local fire department to help with this activity and , two, offer residents an opportunity to ensure that they have some type of alarm system that may possibly save their lives!  

As we were installing smoke detectors, the residents were so appreciative that we were offering this to them and it was eye opening that so many people either didn’t have smoke detectors or had them but they did not work. Most of these homes belonged to the elderly, with one being my own grandparents, and it was an amazing feeling to be out in the community to help provide something as simple as a smoke detector to make them a little safer.


There are multiple reasons why this was such a great experience for me.

1) I was able to share the experience with my mom, my sister, my fiancé, and my daughter. It created a deeper bond between my family, and we are thankful that the United Way allowed for us to work together.

2) I work for The Dow Chemical Company, and it was great to see my company supporting with volunteers (myself and my mom).

3) United Way provided a peace of mind for many residents in my community and that makes a difference. I was part of making a difference in my community thanks to the help of the United Way.

Thank you,
Hannah Dufrene
Dow Chemical Company
Paradis Volunteer Fire Department
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