Locals Participate in United Way Fitness Program, Lose Over 900 Pounds | United Way of St. Charles

Locals Participate in United Way Fitness Program, Lose Over 900 Pounds

Locals Participate in United Way Fitness Program, 
Lose Over 900 Pounds
In January 2016, United Way of St. Charles began Get Fit United, a 12-week health and fitness program designed to create lasting, meaningful changes in the lives of participants, at no cost to them. Through its partnership with Ochsner Corporate Wellness and Anytime Fitness, Get Fit United offers comprehensive health screenings (pre and post), weekly nutrition classes, small group personal training, unlimited gym membership, and personalized virtual training.
The first class of Get Fit United completed the initial 12-week program in the spring of 2016. The group of 38 participants lost 329.8 total pounds and saw improvements in every health category from cholesterol to waist circumference. 
This group of highly motivated individuals continues to meet monthly at the United Way of St. Charles office in Luling and has lost an additional 132 pounds through the maintenance portion of the program.
“While creating Get Fit United, we knew we wanted to not only help people lose weight but also permanently change their health and subsequently, their family’s health,” stated John Dias, Executive Director of United Way of St. Charles. “By offering the initial 12-week intensive program and continuing to support them for an additional year, we are creating long-term accountability, not just a quick fix.”
Get Fit United participants attend weekly classes focusing on nutrition, stress-management, meal planning, label reading and exercise. The sessions, led by Ochsner Corporate Wellness, last about an hour and include a question and answer session with a registered dietitian. 
“Ochsner is proud to work with United Way in leading Get Fit United, a health and lifestyle weight management program. Conducting Get Fit United has truly been a rewarding and invaluable experience. This program and its ongoing success would not have been possible without the support and generosity of United Way,” stated Danielle Fournet, Registered Dietitian, Ochsner Corporate Wellness. “Get Fit United has enriched the lives and health of so many individuals within St. Charles Parish and continues to do so through ongoing program maintenance.”
In addition to weekly nutrition classes, Anytime Fitness provides participants with a free 12-week gym membership as well as virtual personal training. Fitness boot camps are also conducted at both the East and West Bank Bridge Parks two times per week. 
“We have loved being a part of the Get Fit United program. It brings us so much joy watching the participants work hard and reach goals that they did not think they could before,” stated Jennifer Perkins, owner of Anytime Fitness. “This is a great program for our community, and we are proud to be a part of it.”
The second class of Get Fit United began their journey in the fall of 2016, losing a total of 450 pounds and 130 inches in just 12 weeks. These individuals will continue to meet monthly for one year, conducting periodic weigh-ins and a final health screening.
“Thanks to the overwhelming success of Get Fit United, as well as the generosity of donors who make these types of programs possible, we are excited to offer another session of Get Fit in the Spring of 2017,” stated Executive Director Dias. “We encourage anyone who is 18 years of age or older, lives or works in St. Charles Parish, and has a strong commitment to changing the future of their health to consider applying.”
“I could not have hand-picked a better group to take this journey with. It was hard work and lots of discipline but well worth the results,” said Jamie Pollock, current Get Fit United participant. “I am so happy and thankful to have been a part of this program and encourage anyone who is truly serious about changing their health to apply.”
To learn more about the upcoming Get Fit United program (Spring 2017) or to apply, please click here.