It's "Somebody Else": John Dias | United Way of St. Charles

It's "Somebody Else": John Dias

It's "Somebody Else": John Dias

We all think it’s "somebody else". It’s “somebody else” that will need United Way’s help. It’s “somebody else” – some faceless, unseen person that will have a turn of bad luck or a tragedy.


A few days ago, that faceless, unseen person had a face and was seen – by me.


One of my best friend’s house burned to the ground in Destrehan.


Suddenly what we do at United Way became very close to home. I saw the appreciation on his face talking about how the United Way’s funding of Red Cross provided his family a place to stay the night his family lost everything and literally had only the clothes on their backs when all else burned.


Fires and floods don’t know or care about socioeconomic groups. Fortunately, neither does United Way.


I am proud to have a job that helped my friend, and we should all be proud to live in a community that takes care of neighbors and friends and people we don’t know – and sometimes: ourselves.  


John Dias

United Way of St. Charles Executive Director