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An iPad for AJ

An iPad for AJ



United Way of St. Charles recently received a letter from Tainia O’Malley, homebound teacher with St. Charles Parish Public Schools, regarding one of her former students, AJ Dufrene.


AJ is a 10-year-old student at R.J. Vial.


At birth he was diagnosed with epilepsy and cerebral palsy. 



Good Morning John,


AJ would greatly benefit from using an iPad. One was used during his homebound sessions. He has since returned to school and no longer receives homebound services. I know that it would be a hardship for his family to have to purchase an iPad. Mrs. Dufrene was encouraged to see AJ respond positively to activities that were presented on the iPad.

In our discussion, she mentioned that she would check with organizations to see if they could help with the purchase of a new iPad for AJ to use while at home. I mentioned contacting the United Way of St. Charles to see what resources might be available.

Please feel free to contact me if additional information is needed.

As always, thanks for all that you do for our community.


Tainia O'Malley
Homebound Teacher
Lakewood Elementary


On Friday, May 15th United Way of St. Charles visited the Dufrene family at their home in Des Allemands.


Before catching the bus that morning, AJ was presented with an iPad to help with his therapy.  



“We are so grateful to have this iPad to help AJ. Thanks to the United Way, we can practice some of the skills he is learning in therapy,” said Angie Dufrene, AJ’s mom.


“AJ loves to listen to music and play with his cousins. This will definitely help him with not only his therapy but his social interactions as well.”