Executive Director's Message: 2018 Bridge Run | United Way of St. Charles

Executive Director's Message: 2018 Bridge Run

A Message from Our Executive Director:

Early this morning after meeting with the St. Charles Parish EOC and the Sheriff's Office, I was very concerned that the National Weather Service's forecast (although it may have allowed us to start in light rain) had us ending when potentially severe bands of weather were coming through. As a result, I decided to cancel the race and shortly after this decision was made, the NWS issued tornado warnings.

I know that this situation is disappointing, but ultimately I was concerned with the safety of our participants and our volunteers, many of whom are working at the event long past when participants have gone. I wish that rescheduling was an option, but the complexity of coordinating all of the state and local agencies necessary to hold this event does not allow us that option.

These decisions are always difficult because an early decision to cancel leads to frustration that it was made too hastily, and a decision made near the event leads to the frustration that it was made too late. One certainty is that my decision was made based on safety.

United Way of St. Charles' staff and Board are working to assist members of our community in areas focused on Education, Income, and Health. Proceeds from the Bridge Run, for example, cover about half the cost of a weekend meals program that feeds over 500 children in our area each week. We will continue to work on those three focus areas of Education, Income, and Health. Please understand that my decision was based on a fourth “focus area": Safety.

Please feel free to contact me personally at johnd@uwaysc.org if you have questions about the Bridge Run or just to learn more about United Way of St. Charles.

Thank you and we hope to see you at the 2019 Bridge Run,


John Dias Executive Director, United Way of St. Charles