A Crack in the Sidewalk: John Dias | United Way of St. Charles

A Crack in the Sidewalk: John Dias

A Crack in the Sidewalk: John Dias

I have often said that the old United Way model could be viewed as a scenario where a member of our community trips over a crack in a sidewalk, falls down and the United Way helps them up. The new United Way model is to not only “help them up” but also “fix the crack in the sidewalk.” We recently saw an example of that at our office.
A few months ago, we learned that high summer utility bills are often causing residents (particularly seniors and the working poor) to get behind on rent or house payments or to skip prescriptions to pay for keeping their electric service on. The United Way does have an emergency financial need program, but perhaps we could do more.
Earlier this month, a dozen or so families attended a workshop organized by United Way and learned how to apply for a grant to weatherize their homes. We took action to prevent the fall on the sidewalk, and that is something that should make donors feel good.

United Way of St. Charles is hosting another Weatherization Lunch & Learn at our office on Thursday, August 13th. Space is limited, so please call today to reserve your spot.


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John Dias

United Way of St. Charles Executive Director